Sorong and Waisai

Gateways to Raja Ampat Marine Park


Waisai is the capital of Raja Ampat Regency, on the southern side of Waigeo Island.  Founded in 2003 it is home to around 10,000 people it is a transit point for many who wish to visit Raja Marine Park.  Accessible by ferry from Sorong, Waisai is a well laid out town with friendly local people. Public facilities in Waisai include:

  • atms
  • a traditional market
  • small supermarkets
  • local restaurants and warungs 
  • hospital
  • government services and law enforcement officials, including police 
  • Raja Ampat Regency Search & Rescue (SAR)
  • Port
  • Gardens
  • Hotels and lodgings

Waisai is the final and closest location to the Marine Park for these facilities and services. Waisai is also the location of the Marine Park Authority Headquarters, and the closest location to the Marine Park where visitors can purchase their Marine Park Entry Card (LPJL)


Whilst not the capital, Sorong is an important checkpoint for entering Raja Ampat. The name ‘Sorong’ originates from the word Soren, whiche means “deep and wavy ocean” in the language of the Biak tribe, the original people of the area, who travelled to numerous islands in the region before choosing to settle in Raja Ampat. Over the years, after ongoing contact with Chinese merchants, European missionaries and people from Maluku, Sangihe and Talaud Isands, and other areas of Indonesia, Soren, become ‘Sorong’, the name which remains today.

The second largest city in West Papua, Sorong is an an economic and administrative centre. It is also the location of Domine Eduard Osok Airport, the main airport connecting the region to the rest of Indonesia, and a ferry terminal with ferries transiting twice daily to Waisai.

Sorong is also the location of:

  • Many banks and numerous atms
  • Traditional market
  • A Class 2 Immigration office
  • General Hospital and private hospitals
  • Government Services and Law Enforcement Officials
  • Larger supermarkets where many food items and supplies can be purchased
  • Restaurants including local warungs and street stalls, through to more formal dining
  • Hotels and lodgings (pricing and standard varies)
  • Sorong and Raja Ampat Regency Search & Rescue (SAR)
  • Airport 
  • Passenger port (ferry) and cargo port
  • Gardens 

Photo credit: Suarakarya.ID, Sorong City Public Relations Documentation

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