Staying Safe against CoVid19 

A ‘New Normal’ for Raja Ampat

‘Due to the worldwide Co-Vid19 pandemic, at time of writing, Raja Ampat is open for domestic tourism only. Indonesia’s international borders remain closed until further notice.

In order to ensure the health and safety of all tourists, tourism operators and local communities in Raja Ampat, all tourists and visitors must comply with the following:

1. All tourists and visitors must obtain a health certificate indicating a negative COVID19 test result in order to board domestic flights. Please check with airlines directly regarding the exact requirements for COVID19 testing as requirements may vary with each airline.

2. If flying domestic flights within Indonesia, you are required to fill a Health Alert Card from the Indonesian Ministry of Health. A Health Alert Card must be completed electronically, via one of the following E-HAC methods:
Indonesian Ministry of Health official website
The E-HAC app that is available for download at the following links:
Android Play Store
Apple App Store 

3. All tourists or visitors to Raja Ampat must register using the Raja Ampat Tourism Department online registration form

4.  For those scuba diving in Raja Ampat, please refer to ‘CLEANLINESS, HEALTH, SAFETY, AND ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY GUIDANCE FOR INDONESIA’S DIVE INDUSTRY –  Health Protocols to Prevent and Control the Transmission of Coronavirus (COVID-19) August 2020 Edition’


For further information regarding borders and immigration, please visit the Directorate-General of Immigration.

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