Raja Ampat Mooring System


The Raja Ampat Marine Park Authority, along with other government departments and private sector organisations are currently in the process of installing the Raja Ampat Mooring System (RAMS) throughout the 2,000,109 hectare Marine Park. This network of moorings is required to protect marine habitats and fragile marine environments by reducing the need for anchoring, and for the security and convenience of boats visiting the area.

Given the vast scale of the project, the installation of RAMS will occur in phases until completion.  During the installation phase, vessels must use the moorings that are available as a priority over anchoring.  In the instance a vessel is in a location without a mooring and anchoring is required, all regulations with respect to care of marine environments must be adhered to.

Damaging coral is a crime in Raja Ampat and will result in action against the perpetrator(s), which, depending on the severity of damage may result in fines of up to 200 million Indonesian Rupiah per unit of damage, and/or a jail term of up to ten years.

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