Field Surveillance Posts 

As the Technical Unit responsible for facilitating the management of Raja Ampat’s Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), including regulation enforcement and community engagement, the Raja Ampat Marine Park Authority has several surveillance posts located throughout each MPA. Given the vast and often remote locations of the MPAs, these 13 field based surveillance posts facilitate the effectiveness and efficiency of the Ranger Patrols, by providing an operational base from which to conduct field activities.

Surveillance Posts are established in carefully selected locations, giving Rangers a strategic advantage in conducting patrols, monitoring and management activities within the areas of interest.

In the Asia and Ayau Islands MPA, there are 2 Surveillance Posts located in Boiseran Village and Abidon Village, whilst in Mayalibit Bay MPA the post is near Warsambin Village. In consideration of its large area and geographic conditions, the Dampier Strait MPA has 4 surveillance posts; located in Arefi, Senapan Island, Gam and Manta Sandy. Due to its large size and remote location, Misool Islands MPA has 3 surveillance posts within its boundaries.

The Kofiau Boo Islands MPA has one surveillance post, and the surveillance post in the Fam Islands MPA is located on the uninhabited island of Meoskor. The West Waigeo Islands Marine Reserve is also the location of a surveillance post, situated in Wayag.

As the base for all field activities, Surveillance Posts provide the necessary infrastructure to meet all operational needs including; mooring docks for patrol boats; main office; warehouses for fuel, oil and other operational equipment; food storage warehouses; and in several of the posts dormitories for the rangers were already established.

Daily tasks of the field based Rangers includes regular surveillance patrols for fisheries and tourism activities, ecological monitoring, outreach activities for local communities in the context of collaborative area management. Additional tasks include logistical and administrative activities relating to food and fuel, and the necessary household upkeep of a facility that serves as an operational base, office and temporary residence.

Patrol teams based at the surveillance posts are largely comprised of members of the local Raja Am pat community, with each team lead by an Area Coordinator who is responsible for overseeing post operations including team management, ecological monitoring, patrol planning and liaising with external organisations and enforcement agents. The Area Coordinator is assisted by an administration assistant, logistics and fuel assistant, boat captain and crew, ecological monitoring staff, a patrol assistant, and a community engagement assistant.

Rangers based at the posts are also available to provide information to visitors regarding the various MPAs and associated regulations. Additionally, visitors and local community members who have information regarding suspicious behavior or violations within the Marine Park, may also contact the nearest Surveillance Post with this information, or contact Marine Park Authority Headquarters in Waisai.

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