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Environmental Services Fee

Raja Ampat Marine Park Entry Card Environmental Services Fee

The Environmental Service Fee is a fee charged to any visitor who wishes to enter Raja Ampat Marine Park, which covers an area of over 2 million hectares and is comprised of a network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).  Funds generated from this fee are managed by the Marine Park Authority, and go directly towards the management and monitoring of the Marine Park  in order to; help maintain and/or improve the quality of the marine environment; support the livelihoods of local people through sustainable management of marine resources.

By paying the environmental services fee, every visitor directly contributes to the ongoing protection and sustainable management of the Raja Ampat’s unique marine environment.

This fee is in accordance with the Regulation of the Governor of West Papua Number 4 of 2019; concerning Tariffs for the Maintenance of Environmental Services BLUD UPTD KKP Kep. Raja Ampat.



Do your part to Protect Raja Ampat

All visitors to Raja Ampat Marine Park must pay the Environmental Services Fee in order to receive a permit to enter the park, locally this is known as the “kartu TLPJL”, which means “TLPJL card” or “entry card”.  Entering the Marine Park without this card is in breach of  Regulations, and can be penalized with expulsion from the Marine Park.

TLPJL Card / Marine Park Entry Price:

  • International Visitors: IDR 700,000
  • Indonesian citizens: IDR 425,000
  • Children under 12yrs do not require a permit.
  • All permits are valid from 12months of date of purchase

Please ensure you purchase your card at one of the following locations BEFORE entering any Marine Protected Area.  

Where to buy your Marine Park Entry Card

Raja Ampat Marine Park Authority Office

Marine Park Entry cards can be purchased from The Raja Ampat Marine Park Authority office in Waisai.

Please use the following contact details and arrange to collect your entry card prior to entering any of Raja Ampat’s Marine Protected areas.

Nana : +62 85243022825
Olivia : +62 81272741714
Yoan : +62 82198450540

[email protected]
or via the contact form below


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