Anchoring & Moorings 

Anchoring is generally prohibited in Raja Ampat Marine Park. Always use moorings where possible. If moorings are not available, and anchoring is absolutely necessary, all vessels must take the greatest of care to avoid harm to coral and sensitive marine environments.

Raja Ampat Marine Park is a vast area covering 2,000,109 hectares of stunning scenery, both above and below the water.   This archipelago of islands, bays and lagoons is a labyrinth of vibrant coral reefs that hosts the abundant marine life the region is known for.  Yet while incredibly beautiful, these reefs are extremely fragile marine environments; the simple act of throwing an anchor in the wrong location can cause significant damage – within seconds – to these fragile environments, destroying coral that have taken decades, or even millennia to grow. Even in the nutrient rich and ideal conditions of Raja Ampat, these damaged corals could take decades to regrow, potentially never reaching their former glory again.  By taking care when anchoring, and using moorings when available, you can help to protect and preserve the underwater environment in Raja Ampat, that you or your guests are enjoying. 

The Raja Ampat Marine Park Authority, along with other government departments and private sector organisations are currently in the process of installing the Raja Ampat Mooring System (RAMS) throughout the 2,000,109 hectare Marine Park.  Read more

Damaging coral is a crime in Raja Ampat and will result in action against the perpetrator(s), which, depending on the severity of damage may result in fines of up to 200 million Indonesian Rupiah per unit of damage, and/or a jail term of up to ten years.

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