Ranger Patrols 

Marine Protected Areas

The Raja Ampat Marine Park Authority, or officially named “The Regional Public Service Agency Regional Technical Implementing Unit (BLUD UPTD) in the Management of the Conservation Area (KKP) of the Raja Ampat Islands”, is the Technical Unit responsible for facilitating management within Raja Ampat’s Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), as an extension of the Provincial Government’s Maritime and Fisheries Service (DKP) West Papua.

The Marine Park Authority conducts regular field patrols and surveillance.  Each MPA has between 1-4 patrol units, who have surveillance posts and operational bases in the field.  Field patrols are carried out by Patrol Units comprised of Marine Park Authority rangers, local community members and law enforcement officers from the Indonesian National Navy or Indonesian National Police. 

Field Patrols serve to:

  • Supervise all fishing, tourism and other activities based on Zoning Regulations 
  • Protect the MPAs from the threat of destructive and illegal fishing activities
  • Check vessel permits (fishing and tourism)
  • Check that all tourists have obtained their Marine Park Entry Card
  • Regulate any activity to ensure it complies with applicable Marine Park Regulations, and in collaboration with law enforcement bodies take firm action against any violations encountered
  • Engage members of public (tourism or local community members) with respect to conservation matters and environmental awareness


Ranger Patrols using SEA TRACKER Technology*

*The data above reflects the use of SEA TRACKER technology since its initial deployment in March 2021. 

Ranger Patrols utilise SEA TRACKER custom technology to record, report, analyse and share field data collected during patrols (tourism, fishing and other human activity).  By using SEA TRACKER’s recording and reporting system, the Raja Ampat Marine Park Authority is able to obtain a clear and real time overview of human activities and pressures within the Marine Park, which can be used to make both short and long term management decisions and better support law enforcement.

For further information about SEA TRACKER, please click here.

Community Ranger Patrol Fam
BLUD Ranger Patrol Dampier Strait Team explaining Zonations in MPA

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